Saturday, August 13, 2011


When it comes to eating right, the advice is full of what to eat, when to eat, where to eat. The why, the who. That is also explored.
But let's explore that some more. The why is really all about sustenance, and beyond that, enjoyment. Not hedonism, not addiction, not gluttony. So how to achieve that goal of eating for health and enjoyment? AWARENESS and RESPECT. Susan Albers book, Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful delivers a key to it all. "Awareness, or tuning in to yourself, teaches you to identify what IS good for you rather than what FEELS good. I actually believe that if we are tuned in fully, we even can identify that what is good for us, also feels good, in fact, feels better. So today as I approach a weekend of birthday celebration and feasting, I will try to be more mindful. I will try to practice "mindful awareness". And in the process, showing myself some respect.

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