Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Avoid taking detours

I must blog because I need to stay on track. This is a day that needs a label because this kind of day happens occasionally. These days are lethargy, uninspiring, just getting by days. These days are those that can lead me off track. These are days where I tell myself not to care but instead to feed my desires with stuff, eat what I want, somehow searching for comfort. But it is days like these that can take me off my path and send me on a long detour. I want to get through the rest of this day without letting the mood lead me astray. How to do that? To write this blog helps me analyze what is going on and keeps me mindful. I need to rise out of this and look down on myself and offer a helping hand. Tell myself that this day will pass. Tomorrow will be better. Get through this day and start anew. Don't expect anything today but at the very least, don't make things worse. Don't put food in your mouth unless you are hungry. You only have about 5 hours to make it through until you can get in bed and relax. So take one hour at a time. Pat yourself on the back each hour that you get through without eating mindlessly. Good luck!

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